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Dear ELTAB user, as already announced we are now going online with version 3.0. We have tried to keep all proven functionalities and eliminate superfluous ones. In the following you will find a list of all new features. We hope that you will find your way quickly and wish you efficient work with ELTAB. Please let us know if any difficulties arise.

What is new in ELTAB 3.0


  • Personal Data: Wherever possible, personal information will not be stored or displayed. The first time you log on to the system, you have to give your consent to the processing of your data.
  • Login: The user name will not be used in the future. For new registrations no user name will be assigned anymore, the login is done via the e-mail address and the self-chosen password. If you already have a user name and would like to continue using it, you can do so.
  • Institutional Information: For non-registered users, the display of institutions will be reduced. Only the head office and name of the institution will be displayed, the number of media offered, delivered and ordered will no longer be displayed. In future, a login will also be required for displaying and downloading exchange lists.
  • Deleted Media: For data reduction, deleted data is actually deleted completely. Media with stock number 0 will remain available until you delete them.
  • Cookies: The system works with cookies. You have to agree.
  • Terms of Use: The DSGVO calls for a legal basis for systems and platforms. This was drawn up, examined by the legal department of the TUK and is publicly available on the ELTAB. Users must agree to these terms of use when logging in to the new version for the first time.


  • Shopping Cart: Articles in the shopping cart whose order has not yet been placed are now automatically deleted when you log out or after 24 hours at the latest. The media will then be available for other users to order again.
  • Scope of Order: Ordering parties may also order more than one copy of a title, provided that several copies are offered. However, it is up to the supplying institution to decide whether several copies will actually be supplied.
  • Addresses for orders: A delivery address can now be specified individually for each order. This is particularly interesting for institutions with several locations.
  • Type of Media: Previously, monographs and dissertations were combined in one form. Accordingly, the form was very long because all specifics had to be taken into account. Now these two media types can be selected separately.
  • Count down media: In the past, every institution could choose whether its own media stock should be automatically counted down as soon as media were ordered by other institutions or not. This functionality is now fixed for all institutions and the number of media is automatically counted down when ordering. Journals are exempt from this, as the inventory information is more complex here (delivery of individual issues, etc.).


  • Display: Search and input masks as well as all lists have been standardized in the order of the information displayed.
  • Search: In the normal search, the own media are not taken into account. Own media are searched in the folder "Own media".
  • Login: The password can now be saved in the browser.
  • Own media: "Added to your account" has been removed. It turned out that the whole folder was obsolete, because the hits were exactly the same as in the folder "Search in stock".
  • Settings: The start layout of this menu item was changed. For reasons of clarity, the address management has been moved to Profile Settings.
  • Information: Help, Contact and "About ELTAB" are no longer located in the left menu bar, but at the bottom right. The request can be specified via a contact form and thus processed more efficiently by us.