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News, Information, Updates

30.11.2017 » Retrieval codes allow a more specific data retrieval

It is now possible to determine specific retrieval codes according to local needs. These individual codes allow to define further individual selection criteria when adding new media to the data pool. Retrieval codes can then be used in the extended search Own media > Search in stock > Show extended Search.

03.05.2017 » You can now add your website to your institutional information

It is now possible to add the web address (URL) of your institution (Settings/Edit institutional settings). This enables all potential exchange partners to gather information about your institution.

27.04.2017 » Problem on outgoing mails

Dear ELTAB-users,in the context of a large number of spam E-Mails occurring at the University of Kaiserslautern, the E-Mail distribution via ELTAB is currently not possible. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.

16.02.2017 » Statistics creatable

It is now possible to create statistics as PDF. They contain the number of ordered media per institution and the total number of ordered media. The filter form on this page can be used to limit the statistics to certain periods, types, subjects or institutions. To find the statistics button please choose “Orders” and “Media ordered by you” or “Media ordered from you” (depends on which kind of statistics you would like to get) scrolling down the page.

03.02.2017 » It is now possible to sort by subject

Sorting by subject is now possible in the result lists. Because of technical reasons only the first number can be taken into account (only relevant in case of more than one subject).

23.11.2016 » Hinweis: RSS-Feeds

Die RSS-Feeds funktionieren nun wieder. Leider konnten wir aus technischen Gründen die alten Feed-URLs nicht übernehmen, so dass Sie diese neu anlegen müssen.
Dazu führen Sie bitte zunächst eine erweiterte Suche mit den Kriterien aus, die Ihr Feed aufweisen soll. Dann klicken Sie auf den Button "Suchanfrage als RSS" am Ende der Seite. Die Adresse der sich öffnenden Seite können Sie in Ihrem RSS-Reader oder E-Mail-Programm hinzufügen.
Anleitung: Outlook | Thunderbird

25.08.2016 » ELTAB 2.0 comes on Monday!

Dear ELTAB community,

we are happy to announce the new version 2.0 of ELTAB. Based on your feedback, we refreshed the established functions of the previous version and added some new features. Thank you for your cooperation.

The switch to the new system takes place on this weekend (26th to 28th of August). ELTAB will be offline in this time, the old version, too. On Monday, the new version will be accessible.

Please note: Before the first login on the new system, you need to reset your password, we could not take over the passwords from the old version.

The most important improvements of the new version are summarized in the following document (just in German): Eltab2_Neuerungen.pdf

Please contact us if you have any problems, questions or suggestions.

Your ELTAB team

08.04.2015 » Servermaintenance on 9th April 2015

Due to server maintenance, this service may be unavailable on Thursday, 9th April 2015.

02.10.2014 » ELTAB 2.0

Dear ELTAB users,

our exchange service came on stream 2008 and the number of users is still increasing since. Only in the past year, 77 new institutions registered, among them twelve libraries of foreign countries (i.a. Strasbourg, Amsterdam, Zurich, Vienna and Moscow).
In the end of the past year, ELTAB comprises nearly 50,000 media. In 2013, we mediated > 5000 orders with > 16 000 media.
We are glad about this trend and will be further endeavored to offer you a good service. To guarantee a smooth procedure also in the future, we decided to develop ELTAB anew and from scratch. At the moment, our team is busy with the development of the new version 2.0.
You as an experienced user can help us, to make ELTAB even more efficient and comfortable. Please take a time and fill out our survey. We will discuss the results and possibly consider them during development.

Your ELTAB team

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