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ELTAB serves as an electronic trading place for dispensable media between libraries.

The main advantage of ELTAB is a searchable database of all participating libraries to conveniently find a certain medium. The feature Institutions delivers information about all participating libraries. If desired you can download a list (PDF) of all offered media of each respective library (Exchange lists. To actively participate on Eltab a registration is needed.


Click Register now and fill out the complete registration form. It is important to use valid E-Mail address since all relevant data gets attached on that. Never use an E-Mail address twice. After a security check by the ELTAB-Administrator (usually within one working day, in some cases it may take several days) your account will be activated. You get informed via E-Mail.

In case of a lost password, the system is sending an e-mail to the user with a password reset link.

Navigation bar

All important functions in ELTAB are accessible throughout the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

Own Media, Orders, Settings and shopping cart only appear once you are logged in.


All lists (for overviews or from search results) can be sorted by clicking the different headers. Clicking again will switch between ascending and descending order. Clicking next or the specific page numbers will lead you to further results.

Navigation is supported by a paging function.


ELTAB offers the possibility to limit your search through certain criteria. You can use any combination of the 14 criteria available to filter for the best result. Please click Extended Search.

Showing all Media can be achieved by leaving all fields blank. The Search box for ISBN’s ignores dashes. Searching by ISBN can be complicated, because only one ISBN is registered in the ELTAB-Database. In most cases it is easier to use the author, the title or other details.

By clicking on a medium, the properties will be displayed and by clicking on the cart symbol the medium will be ready to order.

Eltab offers RSS feeds to subscribe to search results via RSS feeds. The advantage is, that you will be informed about the addition of new media according any specific search criteria that you are interested in.

In order to do that, simply perform a new search request. After that, click the RSS button. Subscribe to your generated RSS-Feed URL or copy and paste the URL to another RSS-Reader on your computer (e.g. Thunderbird, Feedreader, ... ).
If you subscribe to the feeds via Mozilla Firefox, we recommend you to install the Add on Feed Sidebar. Previously read entries can be highlighted in the sidebar following appropriate configuration.

Add Media (Login needed)

Choose Add Media and the type of the medium. Fill in the form with appropriate bibliographic data.

Add manually

Please fill out the form according the following rules:

  • Enter at least the title. Further bibliographic data will facilitate the retrieval.

  • Order codes to new entries are automatically assigned by ELTAB. It is however possible to enter your own library’s order code. If you do so, this code will replace the automatically generated ELTAB code.

  • Multiple entries may not be made in one single field. In particular, only one ISBN/ISSN may be entered in the ISBN/ISSN field.
    Place hyphens in ISBN/ISSN, as they should be displayed in the trading list.
    If you have entered an ISBN, it will remain in the field, even if you use external data import.

  • The selection of a subject heading is optional. Subject headings are in accordance with the Deutsche Bibliotheks Statistik. Documents that are assigned a subject heading will be arranged accordingly in the trading-lists.

  • Comments concerning the condition of format, cover type and/or other features can be entered in the field Other.

  • In the form for journals the field stock is a free text field. Please enter here all information on type and amount, e.g. year, volume (from/to), single issue, missing issue etc.

You can specify an individual internal code, which must not contain any spaces or capitals. With this code, it is possible to do advanced filtering in Own Media > Search in Stock. Click save.

Automated import

To make the adding of documents to ELTAB easier, you can search in several catalogues for adequate entries by using Z39.50-Search. Specify the catalogue you chose to search by using the drop-down menu. By default the catalogue will be selected that you have chosen in your settings.

Fill one or more fields of the input mask. Then click Search for data. If you find the desired title, you can import its metadata into the mask. Please take care on correctness, especially the language is sometimes problematic.

Import of Excel sheets

This function is currently not available.

Edit/Delete Media (Login needed)

Click Own Media and search for items, you wish to edit or delete.

With each order the number of available copies is counted down. If the number drops to zero, the medium will no longer be displayed for other libraries. However, all your own media will be displayed regardless of their number. In the case of journals, this functionality does not apply, as sometimes partial stocks or individual issues can be handed in. Changes to the stock must therefore be made manually for journals. All your own media with a zero number can be displayed separately (navigation bar: Media/stock 0). In the table you can view, edit or delete the corresponding media.

Orders (Login needed)

We distinguish between: Outgoing = your orders to other libraries and Incoming = requests from other libraries. You see information on the ELTAB ordering partners, the number of orders received and media requested. By clicking on the library´s name, you get the titles ordered / sent by this partner. Orders can be downloaded as PDF.

Note: Orders placed in ELTAB are requests. Whether a request can be met and a delivery can actually be made cannot be registered by the system. The statistic may therefore contain order requests made to ELTAB which however have not been fulfilled.

Ordering procedure/Shopping cart

To order a title, use the search function and click on the shopping cart button. The medium will be placed into the shopping cart. 
By click on the title of the desired document in the displayed table you get more details on the medium.

You can also order several documents at once, just select the desired titles.

You are allowed to edit, delete and adjust the number of items.

Eltab orders should be shipped by Container-Service or the library delivery van if possible. Should you like to consult a library concerning possible shipping charges, choose Shipping consultation. Any further comments concerning shipping should be entered in the text field. If you are not logged in with an account, please specify the name of your library and your e-mail address for possible enquiries. Registered users with an individual account are identified by the system and therefore don´t require identification.
To submit your order, press Send Order. An auto-generated e-mail will be sent to the offering library, listing the titles you have ordered, the acceptance of shipping charges as well as any further comments made on the order form.

Refuse an order

Requests can always get refused.

Press Orders/Incoming, select the order you want to refuse. Mark all the media you don't want to deliver and then click Decline.

You can state why you don't want to deliver a medium (if not so leave the field free).

You can apply the reason to all media. The reason will be shown to the purchaser via email later. Refused media are red colored.

The following actions will be performed by the system:

  • The purchaser will automatically be informed via email (including the reason).

  • If you have activated the automatic count down of stocks the quantity will be increased by one, so the medium is available and can be ordered again.

  • All refused media will be saved in the system (Orders -> Received Orders -> Order Number)


A table lists all participating libraries, sorted by place. You can obtain more details about libraries by clicking their names.

Please use the Download-Icon to get a PDF-File of the Exchange lists.

Settings (login needed)

Account Information

An overview of important data will be shown. (including the permissions granted to you by the administrative Account).

It is possible to create profiles with different permissions to allow every member of your library staff their respective tasks. Only the admin is authorized to change permissions. Press Change Profile Information to edit your own personal data.

Please enter the email addresses in Receivers that should be notified about activities in ELTAB (orders). The changes take effect as soon as you click Update.

Institutional settings

Via Change institution information you can change your library's data by simply editing the provided information in the text fields.

Set absence period

In case your library is not able to receive orders for several weeks (e.g. because the responsible employer is on vacation), ELTAB offers the possibility to determine an absence period. Libraries, that request media from your library during the determined period, will get a note in the confirmation mail including your absence period. After the period set, the note will not be displayed furthermore.

Institution members

To create a new profile, click Add member and enter all necessary details (username, email and real name). Now chose the right exchange Permissions and press Create member. An Account will be created automatically and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you directly. The User created by the administrative Account will also be noticed by e-mail (including a request to create a personal password).