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Title Author Editor Year Type Institution Created date
50 Jahre UB Mannheim : Entwicklung und Perspektiven
Hänger, Christian ; Klein, Annette; Universitätsbibliothek Mannheim 2017 Monograph UB Mannheim 30.06.2017
Gehrlein, Christina Steiner, Uwe C. 2020 Dissertation UB Mannheim 24.09.2020
Accounting information and corporate debt
Müller, Sonja 2017 Dissertation UB Mannheim 21.02.2018
Achieving compliance with the help of the public?
Dannwolf, Tanja 2014 Dissertation UB Mannheim 09.01.2015
A construal level theory approach to health media effects
Reich, Sabine 2015 Dissertation UB Mannheim 26.07.2016
A cost model for expressing and estimating ecological costs of software-driven systems
Schulze, Thomas 2016 Dissertation UB Mannheim 05.05.2017
A deep orthographic modelling environment
Tunjić, Christian Vjekoslav Atkinson, Colin 2021 Dissertation UB Mannheim 21.09.2021
A dependency-aware, context-independent code search infrastructure
Schumacher, Marcus Atkinson, Colin 2019 Dissertation UB Mannheim 16.10.2019
A design theory for individual information systems in a professional context
Gaß, Oliver 2014 Dissertation UB Mannheim 27.10.2014
AD-HOC tumor boards - a process design and information systems implementation perspective
Aydingül, Okan ::[VerfasserIn]:: 2019 Dissertation UB Mannheim 21.07.2019
A dual tailored branch-and-bound algorithm for quadratic mixed-integer problems Applied to production models with buffers
Hameister, Kathinka ::[VerfasserIn]:: 2019 Monograph UB Mannheim 11.07.2019
Advancing mouse-tracking research - new solutions for study design, implementation, and analysis
Kieslich, Pascal J. ::[VerfasserIn]:: 2018 Dissertation UB Mannheim 10.04.2019
Affect and the weighting of idealistic and pragmatic concerns in decision situations
Burger, Axel Michael 2013 Dissertation UB Mannheim 19.08.2013
A framework for engineering reusable self-adaptive systems / -
Krupitzer, Christian Becker, Christian Dissertation UB Mannheim 05.11.2018
Agent-based patient scheduling in hospitals
Paulussen, Torsten O. 2006 Dissertation UB Mannheim 17.02.2012
Aktivierungsaufforderungen im wirtschaftsberuflichen Unterricht - Identifizierung instruktionaler Muster
Kopf, Claudia 2017 Dissertation UB Mannheim 12.05.2017
Ambidextrous information technology capabilities for business processes
Heckmann, Carl Simon 2016 Dissertation UB Mannheim 25.11.2016
A model-based runtime environment for adapting communication systems
Pfannemüller, Martin Anton Becker, Christian 2021 Dissertation UB Mannheim 08.04.2021
A multi-scale model for material flow problems based on a non-local conservation law : - simulation and optimization /
Pfirsching, Marion Göttlich, Simone Monograph UB Mannheim 27.07.2018
Analysis of buffer allocations in time-dependent and stochastic flow lines
Schwarz, Justus Arne 2016 Monograph UB Mannheim 06.04.2016
An analysis of open market share repurchases
Obernberger, Stefan 2014 Dissertation UB Mannheim 21.07.2014
An die Gottheit
Stemmler, Theo 1993 Monograph UB Mannheim 30.01.2013
An enumerative method for convex programs with linear complementarity constraints and application to the bilevel problem of a forecast model for high complexity products / -
Heß, Maximilian 2017 Dissertation UB Mannheim 23.02.2018
An essay on the foundations of game theory with applications to the theory of public goods
Leduc, Justin Tröger, Thomas 2019 Dissertation UB Mannheim 04.02.2020
An interoperability framework for pervasive computing systems / -
Roth, Felix Maximilian Becker, Christian Dissertation UB Mannheim 22.12.2018