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Title Author Editor Year Type Institution Created date
Die Versöhnung
Aeschylus Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Ulrich von 1926 Monograph UB Magdeburg 23.09.2021
Introduction to the theory of ferromagnetism
Aharoni, Amikam 1996 Monograph UB Magdeburg 28.09.2021
Modular methodology for transient vehicle thermal management simulations
Ahmed, Saad 2021 Dissertation UB Magdeburg 16.11.2021
Psychologie des mystischen Bewußtseins
Albrecht, Carl 1990 Monograph UB Magdeburg 29.09.2021
Visual analytics of epidemiological and multi-omics data
Alemzadeh, Shiva 2021 Dissertation UB Magdeburg 16.11.2021
Numerical continuation methods
Allgower, Eugene L. Georg, Kurt 1990 Monograph UB Magdeburg 21.09.2021
Structure and function in glaucoma
Al-Nosairy, Khaldoon Omer Ali 2021 Dissertation UB Magdeburg 16.11.2021
Guaranteed set-based controller design for hybrid dynamical systems
Andonov, Petar 2021 Dissertation UB Magdeburg 17.11.2021
Involvement of TRPC4 and TRPC5 channels in persistent firing in the hippocampus and in the medial entorhinal cortex
Arboit, Alberto 2021 Dissertation UB Magdeburg 16.11.2021
Das deutsche Drama
Arnold, Robert Franz Wolkan, Rudolf 1925 Monograph UB Magdeburg 28.09.2021
Einführung in das Althochdeutsche
Baesecke, Georg Matthias, Adolf 1918 Monograph UB Magdeburg 23.09.2021
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
Bayern, Anna von 2010 Monograph UB Magdeburg 26.10.2021
High energy ion-atom collisions
Berényi, Dénes Berényi, Dénes 1991 Monograph UB Magdeburg 01.10.2021
Multimodale Modellierung intravaskulärer Hämodynamik am Beispiel zerebraler Aneurysmen
Berg, Philipp 2021 Dissertation UB Magdeburg 22.06.2021
Kinematisch-getriebedynamisches Praktikum
Beyer, Rudolf 1960 Monograph UB Magdeburg 27.09.2021
Technische Raumkinematik
Beyer, Rudolf 1963 Monograph UB Magdeburg 27.09.2021
Kinematisch-getriebeanalytisches Praktikum
Beyer, Rudolf 1958 Monograph UB Magdeburg 27.09.2021
Composite sheet forming
Bhattacharyya, Debes 1997 Monograph UB Magdeburg 22.09.2021
Deutsche Literaturgeschichte
Biese, Alfred 1923 Monograph UB Magdeburg 28.09.2021
Fun and games
Binmore, Ken 1992 Monograph UB Magdeburg 22.09.2021
On the application of the polychromatic statistical reconstruction technique to C-arm CT data
Bismark, Richard Nikolaus Karl 2021 Dissertation UB Magdeburg 16.11.2021
Numerical methods for least squares problems
Björck, Åke 1996 Monograph UB Magdeburg 23.09.2021
The startup owner's manual
Blank, Steve Dorf, Bob 2012 Monograph UB Magdeburg 28.09.2021
Language development from two to three
Bloom, Lois Capatides, Joanne Bitetti 1993 Monograph UB Magdeburg 22.09.2021
Real-time radiography for observation of crack growth during welding
Boateng, Francis Twumasi 2021 Dissertation UB Magdeburg 16.11.2021