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Title Author Editor Year Type Institution Created date
Numerical solution of Sturm-Liouville problems
Pryce, John Derwent Andrew, Alan L. 1993 Monograph UB Magdeburg 23.09.2021
Johann Sebastian Bachs Spätwerk und dessen Umfeld
Bach, Johann Sebastian 1988 Monograph UB Magdeburg 21.09.2021
Becker, Waltraud 1997 Monograph UB Magdeburg 29.09.2021
High energy ion-atom collisions
Berényi, Dénes Berényi, Dénes 1991 Monograph UB Magdeburg 01.10.2021
The political writings of James Harrington
Blitzer, Charles 1955 Monograph UB Magdeburg 27.10.2021
Bobertag, Felix 1884 Monograph UB Magdeburg 28.09.2021
Verborgene Quellen des Hegelschen Denkens
Hondt, Jacques d' Buhr, Manfred 1983 Monograph UB Magdeburg 29.09.2021
Petroleum contaminated soils, volume I
kostecki Calabrese, Edward J. 1989 Monograph UB Magdeburg 24.09.2021
Language development from two to three
Bloom, Lois Capatides, Joanne Bitetti 1993 Monograph UB Magdeburg 22.09.2021
Rare-earth iron permanent magnets
Coey, J. M. D. 1996 Monograph UB Magdeburg 28.09.2021
Real algebraic geometry
Coste, Michel Coste, Michel 1992 Monograph UB Magdeburg 24.09.2021
Computer aided verification
Courcoubetis, Costas Courcoubetis, Costas 1993 Monograph UB Magdeburg 21.09.2021
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Credner, Karl 1912 Monograph UB Magdeburg 21.09.2021
Offensives Marketing
Meyer, Anton Davidson, J. Hugh 2001 Monograph UB Magdeburg 22.10.2021
Sicherheit biometrischer Systeme
Kümmel, Karl F. Dittmann, Jana 2021 Dissertation UB Magdeburg 22.06.2021
The startup owner's manual
Blank, Steve Dorf, Bob 2012 Monograph UB Magdeburg 28.09.2021
Amorphous metallic materials
Duhaj, P. Duhaj, P. 1990 Monograph UB Magdeburg 21.09.2021
Numerical Methods for Stochastic Control Problems in Continuous Time
Kushner, Harold J. Dupuis, Paul 2001 Monograph UB Magdeburg 28.09.2021
Experimental techniques in fracture
Epstein, Jonathan S. Epstein, Jonathan S. 1993 Monograph UB Magdeburg 28.09.2021
Quantum theory and pictures of reality
Schommers Espagnat, Bernard d' 1989 Monograph UB Magdeburg 29.09.2021
Chemistry and physics of macromolecules
fischer Fischer, Erhard W. 1991 Monograph UB Magdeburg 29.09.2021
Numerical continuation methods
Allgower, Eugene L. Georg, Kurt 1990 Monograph UB Magdeburg 21.09.2021
Nonsmooth optimization
Giannessi, Franco Giannessi, Franco 1992 Monograph UB Magdeburg 30.09.2021
The quantum hall effect
Prange, Richard E. Girvin, Steven M. 1990 Monograph UB Magdeburg 29.09.2021
Statistical physics, automata networks and dynamical systems
Goles, Eric Goles, Eric 1992 Monograph UB Magdeburg 24.09.2021